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Smart Stage
SMART STAGE | How to Be a Better Business Partner
Smart Stage
Monday 06/19/2017 02:10 PM - 02:28 PM Add to calendar
0.00 Not Available for Credit | Competencies: Leadership & Navigation, Communication, Business Acumen

Many HR professionals were attracted to the career because they felt they were “a people person.” That's great as those skills have value and make a difference. But if you want people to really value your ideas and insights, trust your judgment and leadership and leverage your talents, you need to show you can think like a business professional. One who happens to have expertise in HR. You will learn how to seize opportunities, evaluate costs against a value proposition, prevent problems early on (and quickly solve ones that do arise) and present the business case for changes you want to make in your organization. Transform your thinking and the business around you by learning this decision-making process and how it relates to successfully presenting your ideas.

Joe Rotella, SHRM-SCP Photo
Joe Rotella, SHRM-SCP, Chief technical officer,
Delphia Consulting, LLC