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Preconference Workshop
#809: FearMotional Failure: Learn Why Change Is so Difficult and How You Can Overcome Fear and Failure
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Sunday 06/17/2018 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM Add to calendar
4.00 SHRM PDCs | Competencies: Leadership & Navigation, Consultation | Intended Audience: Senior-Level
Workplace Application:
You will learn practical steps to overcome inevitable failure and common fear. 

Nearly everyone has had a failure and said, “I know I need to change” but didn't actually change for many reasons. However, greatness can only be achieved when we really adjust our behavior after failure. Many times the root of our unwillingness or inability to change rooted in fear. Learn the reasons why change is so hard and how to make the adjustments to achieve our desired results by overcoming fear and failure. During this workshop, you will learn: 

  • The four FearMotional Attitude stages of Trigger, Emotion, Thoughts, and Actions.
  • The controllable and uncontrollable aspects of the FearMotional Attitude.
  • Practical steps to break through to change after failure.
  • How to assist others in achieving their changes after failure.
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Michael Rampolla, SPEAR™ certified coach & trainer SPEARity™,