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Preconference Workshop
Session #809: Rewarding Performance in a Globalized Gig Economy
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Sunday 06/23/2019 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM Add to calendar
4.00 SHRM PDCs | Competencies: Global & Cultural Effectiveness, HR Expertise | Intended Audience: Mid-Level
Workplace Application:
Learn performance-rewarding strategies that are appropriate for culturally diverse workforces of employees as well as outsiders. 

Global workforces require talent strategies suited to cultural diversity; workforces in which a large share of work is done by outsiders (contractors, consultants, freelancers) require strategies that satisfy diverse interests. To be effective, the workers must view how the organization defines, measures and rewards performance as equitable, competitive and appropriate. For there to be alignment between organizational and worker interests, the right accommodations must deal with diverse beliefs, values and priorities.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the implications of talent mobility across the globe and the resulting cultural diversity issues.
  • Find out about performance and rewards strategies that can be effective for culturally diverse workforces.
  • Understand the implications of using outsiders in an organization and how their work must be integrated with the work of employees.
  • Find out about performance and rewards strategies that can be effective for both employees and outsiders who do the organization's work.
  • Evaluate the nature of the workforce to adopt strategies that will attract, retain and motivate the required talent.
Robert James Greene, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, GPHR Photo
Robert James Greene, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, GPHR, Chief executive officer,
Reward Systems, Inc.