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Moving Beyond Unconscious Bias in the Workplace
LVCC N255-257
Tuesday 06/25/2019 10:45 AM - 11:45 AM Add to calendar
1.00 SHRM PDCs | Competencies: Global & Cultural Effectiveness, Relationship Management
Workplace Application:
Understand the impact of unconscious bias on company culture, morale and employee perceptions, and the importance of addressing it. 

Unconscious bias is an aspect of building diverse and inclusive workplaces that may go unnoticed or unchecked. Even in organizations that advocate for greater equality and respect, unconscious bias is often seen in the hiring and promotion process. An inclusive workplace free of unconscious bias is one in which all employees, regardless of nationality, color or race, feel respected, have a voice and a strong sense of belonging, and are comfortable bringing their whole, true selves to work. The presenter draws on his personal and professional experiences to illustrate why addressing unconscious bias is critical in order to achieve true inclusiveness in the workplace—a theme central to his own life. The reassurance that diversity is a strength, not a setback, can motivate employees to give their best at work, boost confidence, and enhance relationships.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify unconscious bias as a first step toward building a more diverse and inclusive workplace.
  • Recognize the difficulties and issues pertaining to unconscious bias and address them constructively.
  • Understand how creating a more inclusive environment—supporting, advocating, recognizing and, most importantly, celebrating different perspectives—helps attract and retain the talent, customers and business partners who are critical to an organization’s success.
  • Recognize the carry-over effects that a positive workplace experience can have on employees’ work and personal lives.
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Steve Pemberton, Chief human resources officer ,
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Jesse Harriott, Global head of analytics & executive director, WorkHuman Analytics & Research Institute,