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HR 4.0: HR as the Architect of Exponential Organizations
LVCC N259-261
Sunday 06/23/2019 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM Add to calendar
1.00 SHRM PDCs | Competencies: Global & Cultural Effectiveness, HR Expertise, Relationship Management | Intended Audience: Senior-Level
Workplace Application:
Rethink, discuss and problematize the roles and functions of HR in this era of exposure. 

Technology has invaded not only our personal lives, but also our businesses and their products and services. Now more than ever, HR needs to act as a decision-maker, star of corporate change, and architect in building exponential organizations—because HR deals with human capital, the most important asset of all. To ensure that organizations are more agile, sustainable and prepared for a future of opportunities and challenges, we must abandon paradigms and follow great examples of HR in revolutionizing policies and processes.

Learning Objectives:

  • Conversations, cases, examples and exchanges about new possibilities and approaches provide participants with ideas for building exponentially successful companies.
  • Learn from exponential companies that have different ways of thinking (and doing) about people management and the employee lifecycle.
  • Understand why it is important for HR to know how to talk about technology, including how new technologies can impact business and HR processes.
  • Discover the equation: Organizational Culture vs. HR Strategies x Leadership = Success and Business Continuity.
  • Find out about companies that have a transformative and massive purpose, how to create more balanced and sustainable cultures, how to create brand fans, how to delight internal employees, among other possibilities.
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Arthur Chagas Diniz, CEO,