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CRAVE: You Can Enhance Employee Motivation in 10 Minutes by Friday™
LVCC N107-108
Monday 06/24/2019 04:15 PM - 05:15 PM Add to calendar
| Competencies: Communication, Leadership & Navigation, Relationship Management | Intended Audience: Mid-Level
Workplace Application:
Strategically recognizing employees makes you a more trusted and effective leader and helps increase employee engagement, improve the customer experience and accelerates business results.  

Many leaders and managers are stressed at work like never before. Too much to do, too little time, and too many distractions. But not everyone is struggling… some have figured out how to create a better place to work where employees are happier, more motivated, and more productive. One where employees are highly engaged and customers have a more consistent experience, leading to more profitable business results.
More than 65% of Gregg Lederman’s clients are on a “best place to work” list. In addition, his clients witness nearly three times the amount of employee engagement than their competitors. This is not by chance. It is by design. There is a recipe for this success that is simple and easy to put into practice. The recipe? Give people what they CRAVE!

Learning Objectives:
•    Embrace the concept of CRAVE and how fueling the working environment with more of it will lead to less stress, stronger employee performance and accelerated business results.
•    Leverage the unique differences and strong similarities of a multi-generational workforce.
•    Adopt the three steps to being genuine and strategic when recognizing the success of employees. 
•    Master the Ultimate Leadership Habit of 10 Minutes by Friday™ to improve employee engagement and delight customers. 

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