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Exhibitor Solutions Theatre - Booth 1051
Are You Ready to Relocate Gen Y and Gen Z Employees? Find Out What Makes this Generation Different
SHRM Exposition
Sunday 06/23/2019 05:00 PM - 05:30 PM Add to calendar

Lisa Johnson, Global Practice Leader, Consulting Services from Crown World Mobility and Andrew Collins, CEO and Co-Founder from Bungalow will present quick trends around early career employees wanting the chance to live and work in new locations and how it links to recruiting and retaining talent. Understand how this youngest generation are different from previous ones and what we hear from these  "customers" about where and how they like to live in one of the  coolest areas of change; the housing market.

Lisa Johnson Photo
Lisa Johnson, Global Practice Leader, Consulting Services,
Crown World Mobility
Andrew Collins Photo
Andrew Collins, CEO and Co-Founder,