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Recognizing & Reducing Implicit Bias throughout Your Talent Life Cycle
Monday 06/29/2020 07:30 AM - 08:45 AM Add to calendar
| Competencies: Global & Cultural Effectiveness, HR Expertise, Leadership & Navigation
Workplace Application:
Unconscious bias has a much greater impact than we may consciously recognize. 

As companies fully include talent from diverse groups, raising awareness and developing skills to both recognize unconscious bias and reduce its impact will improve talent management – from recruiting candidates to assessing and promoting leaders. This is important as a significant body of research highlights the measurable impact that bias plays in these important processes. Francesca Gino, Harvard Business School professor says, “[Biases] cause us to make decisions in favor of one person or group to the detriment of others... which leads some of the best people managers to not recognize some of the talents, skills, and abilities of diverse employees."

Learning Objectives:

  • Define where in the talent life cycle implicit bias could have its greatest impact. (Talent acquisition/recruitment, employment assessment/selection, on-boarding, training & development, performance management, succession planning.)
  • Learn about the key competencies necessary to recognize and mitigate the influence of individual and institutional bias.
  • Gain practical tools for reducing the impact of unconscious bias in the performance appraisal process.
  • Gain several proven solutions to implement immediately to transform the effectiveness of your talent management and development systems.
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Eric Ellis, President and CEO,
Integrity Development Corporation