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Peering into the Crystal Ball: Using Big Data and Analytics to Achieve Successful Global Mobility and Talent Management Programs
Tuesday 06/30/2020 07:30 AM - 08:45 AM Add to calendar
| Competencies: Business Acumen, Critical Evaluation, Leadership & Navigation
Workplace Application:
Data and technology can empower HR to guide an organization’s competitiveness and decision-making. 

“Big data” has become a buzz phrase across all industries and business functions.  HR professionals have access to more data now than ever.  Data and analytics can be powerful tools to tell the story of a company’s overall health.  But how can they use data in a meaningful way, while avoiding information overload?  This session helps cut through some of the noise and looks at how you can embrace the power of data and technology to create strategic advantages and future-proof your organization.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how to make the shift towards a data and technology driven culture.
  • Explore the use of data and analytics to show trends and provide meaningful information to support global mobility and HR decision making.
  • Discuss how data and analytics can empower HR teams to give their organizations a competitive edge.
  • Explore best practice in data discipline and understand the importance of compliance, as well as the penalties for non-compliance.
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Julia Onslow-Cole, Partner,
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