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How to Transform Bosses into Leaders
Wednesday 07/01/2020 09:15 AM - 10:15 AM Add to calendar
| Competencies: Business Acumen, Consultation, Leadership & Navigation
Workplace Application:
Building the next generation of leaders: Learn the steps to get it done! 

Effective managers are the key to any organization succeeding.  Strategic leaders are necessary if you are looking to bring a strategic edge to your organization.  Transforming successful managers into strategic leaders through training and development is a key component.  This session will show you how to build your managers’ basic skills and then transform those managers into successful leaders that operate with a strategic, value-added, success-based, and personal and professional growth-minded focus.  The outcome will be organizational leaders who are more effective and a workforce that is motivated, educated, and turns over infrequently.  In this session, learn how to proactively initiate (or adeptly respond to a request for) a "leadership development program, as well as key areas to consider and standard traps to avoid falling into.  You will also learn how to keep a program energized and permanently ingrain it into an organization's culture, all the while communicating its success in the language of business.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe how critical thinking and careful diagnosis are key skills for HR professionals to properly develop and communicate a leadership development strategy. 
  • Discuss guidelines for identifying performance gaps in managers and leaders and techniques to remedy them.
  • Develop the skills and ability to communicate the needs, design, process, and results, and how they align with corporate strategic initiatives to senior leadership.
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Mack Munro, Founder & CEO,
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