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CEO and President
Murfield International, Inc.
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Dr. Loren Murfield works with aspiring and emerging leaders to disrupt the status quo, change the world and accomplish what followers and critics claim is impossible.  He is a visionary that sees incredible opportunities in this digital age of a sharing economy. 

Few would have thought they would be seeing him in this role today.  As a middle child of 8 and the 4th of 5 boys, no one expected he would do anything significant.  No one thought any graduate work, especially a Ph.D., was possible when he worked factory jobs until he was 31.  Very few gave him much of a chance to teach college on the east coast after growing up on a farm outside of a tiny town in South Dakota.  If that isn't enough, most thought it was clearly impossible for him to write 8 books in one year, become an entrepreneur, launch PWR University, teach in a graduate leadership program or become the biographer for a Heisman Trophy winner.  No one really could see his success coming, but he has found that is part of the fun – doing what no one thought he could do. 

Today, Dr. Murfield is CEO and President of Murfield International, Inc. and its online training program, PWR University, Inc.  He serves as a provocative public speaker, author, biographer and executive coach to help those determined to Unleash the UltimateTM performance, production and profits.