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chief executive officer
US Corporate Wellness, Inc.
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Wellness speakers cover the full spectrum.  Some are experts who struggle with application.  Others are athletes who never moved past the finish line.  If you’re lucky enough to get the first two, then the actual speaking ability is often sub-par.  Brad is the exception. 

The expertise is unquestioned.  He is the CEO of US Corporate Wellness, author of 4 books, holds 2 Masters degrees and spent 20+ years as a Physical Therapist and Healthcare Executive prior to moving into the CEO role 10 years ago.

And yes – at age 50 he certainly walks the talk. He was recently recognized by multiple publications as the “World’s Fittest CEO” (here's one example article and a feature from the Business Journal) after qualifying for both the Hawaii Ironman World Championship and the Boston Marathon by over 25 minutes and winning the 2-person Race Across America bike race, all within a 5 month period last year and just 6 weeks after suffering 8 fractures in a bike wreck.

He’s crazy about his wife of 24 years and his 3 rapidly growing kids. Most importantly for us here today, he’s an exceptional speaker.  He’s spoken professionally in all 50 states to a wide range of organizations, always to rave reviews.